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Mixing (Photo: Carmen Milla, 2009)

Singing and mixing (Photo: Carmen Milla, 2017)






Nothing to hide

Anki Toner was born in Barcelona in 1964.




Anki Toner has sung, played harmonica and written lyrics for SUPERELVIS between 1986 and 1998, with whom he recorded (in chronological order) 4 cassettes, 2 LPs y 4 CDs, collecting rewards like the  BIENNAL DE JOVES CREADORS (Barcelona City Council) o la election of the album HAPPINESS IS STUPID as BEST SPANISH RECORD OF THE YEAR 1996 by magazine ROCK DE LUX.

After a well-deserved holiday (of almost 8 years!), he has started new projects: FILE UNDER TONER (in  2005), NOIZU (with Marc Viaplana and Anton Ignorant, in 2006), ANKITONER METAMARS (with Javier Piñango, also in 2006) and The IGNOTONER (again with Anton Ignorant, in 2011). He is also on of the various DJ HAZARD around.

In 2015 he presented his solo project ANKI TONER REUNION TOUR, in which he reviewed his 30-year career (see video here). Since then he continues to play solo mixing all his former projects.

In 2020 he starts ANTIQUE HOHNER & THE GROOVES, a project meant to explore the expressive possibilities of the harmonica beyond the usual conventions of the instrument, backed by two portable record players.

In 2023, SUPERELVIS reappears.

Other (lesser) known projects include ANKI TONER BAND, which recorded the famous version of Bella Senz'Anima (Riccardo Cocciante's unforgettable ballad) released on the sampler NOISE CLUB 1 (Por Caridad Prod., 1994); ANKI TONER & THE RECORD COLLECTORS ORCHESTRA, which recorded "From The Earth To The Moon" on the sampler "EXPERIMENTACLUB LABORATORIO" (El Europeo CD-book, 2001) and a short-lived band,  ANKI TONER & THE RECORD COLLECTORS


He has produced the cassette "+/001 1990" by OSCAR ABRIL ASCASO + SEDCONTRA, and the last SUPERELVIS recording in which he took part, "What About Beauty?".

Discography (click here)


Anki Toner Reunion Tour. (Photo: Abel Castells, 2015)




>>> HAZARD RECORDS (public domain, started in 1998)
>>> RITHMOMACHIA (creative commons, started in 2007)
>>> 6RPM (some rights reserved, started in 2008)


Lectures, Workshops 

He likes to talk. As soon as he has a chance,  Anki Toner lectures whoever is willing to listen to him. His current repertoire is:

  • PLUNDERPHONICS: RECYCLING SOUND. Workshop  (between 9 y 15 horas)

  • SURFACE NOISE. THE END OF MUSIC Lecture-Audition (60 to 90 minutes)


  • GRAMOFONIA LUDICA  Lecture-Presentation (60 to 90 minutes)

  • GRAMOPHONIA (minimum 2 hours)

Click here for details



Not mixing (Photo: Carmen Milla, 2011)



Yeah, it looks like he can write... Spanish, generally.



He has aldo written (between 1992 and 1998) articles for the following magazines EL VIEJO TOPO, ANTHROPOS, NOISE CLUB, SELF, TRANSVERSAL, RWS (REWS), REVISTA DEL CENTRE DE LECTURA DE REUS... He often signed under the nickname Lukas (or Lukas G.)

His biggest hit is the article "Música Prohibida" (Forbidden Music), written in catalan for the in 1998 for the magazine RWS. It has been transtated into Spanish at least twice (by two different translators) which is funny since Anki Toner usually writes in Spanish.

(Lost In) Translation

  • MARIANNE FAITHFULL. Ed. Celeste, 1995. Translated into Spanish by Alberto Manzano and Anki Toner.

  • ELLIOT MURPHY. Donde las mujeres están desnudas y los hombres son ricos. Ed. Celeste, 1996. Translated into Spanish by Alberto Manzano, Anki Toner and Ignacio Julià.

  • ANTOLOGIA DEL BRIT-POP. Ed. Celeste, 1996. Translated into Spanish by Alberto Manzano, Anki Toner and Miguel Comamala.



Exhibition Curator

As a collector,  Anki Toner sometimes exhibits part of his findings. So far he has premiered the following exhibitions:

  • Gramophonia (La Casa Encendida, Madrid, 2006) Download leaflet (Pdf, 5Mb) 

  • Pedalant Pel Tauler (Museu de la Joguina de Figueres, 2007)

  • Gramofonia Lúdica (Museu de la Joguina de Figueres, 2012 /Espai Cultura Unimm Caixa, Sabadell, 2013)


When we were young and pretty (background: Alfredo)
(Photo: Merin Arina, 1996


Mail Art

Anki Toner thinks that art is beautiful, and knows that most artists are senseless idiots. Nevertheless he feels close to Mail Art's philosophy. In the second half of the nineties he was specially active in the field,, taking part in a number of mail art actions, among which:

  • P.O.Box 25. Merz Mail, 1996.
  • Happiness Is Stupid. nuara, 1996.
  • Jornades D'Art Postal. Bcn, 1997.
  • Tu verbo favorito. Rosa M, 1997.
  • No Copyright. Industrias Mikuerpo, 1998.
  • STOP Libertad Identidad Pluralismo. Nilo Casares, 1998.
  • De Amor a Zeus. Caja Rural de Benicarló, 1999.




Ok, Superelvis lyrics, of which Anki Toner is fully responsible, are pure poetry. Moreover, the artists has the intention to make a poetry show (in the traditional sense of the word) every century during his lifetime. His contribution to the history of poetry-without-background -music is just:
  • Recital de Poesía Automática, Sala Heliogabal, Barcelona, 1995. (download texts)
  • "Letter Song" in López, nuara (ed.) La llibrera de Portbou. Barcelona: Libros de la vorágine, 2014

According to Anki Toner, NOIZU is a (sound) poetry band.



Not so young, not so pretty... (Foto Carmen Milla, 2007)



Since he bought a small digital camera, Anki Toner has been taking pics. Looks like people appreciate them. In a strange coincidence, in spring 2007 his some pictures appear in three different exhibitions:

  • El Archivo de la Corona de Aragón. Barcelona. Palau del Lloctinent, a partir del 20 de enero de 2007.
  • Fondos del Archivo de la Corona de Aragón. Zaragoza. Palacio de Larrinaga (Centro de Documentación Ibercaja), del 4 de mayo al 1 de julio de 2007.
  • L'Institut de Fisiologia. Barcelona. Vestíbul de la Facultat de Medicina, del 23 de abril al 31 de mayo de 2007. Institut d'Estudis Catalans, del 4 al 15 de junio de 2007. 

On the other hand, pictures from the cyclingboardgames.tk website have been massively reproduces, quooting or not quoting, asking for permission or forgetting to ask. (Just Boardgamegeek  features over 500 of Anki's pics). Fortunately, when one does not believe in intellectual property, one does not worry too much about these things...



Vídeo, dance, performance

Anki's voice can be heard (among others) in the video "Rem, estudios sobre el comportamiento nocturno" (Jacobo Sucari, 1998).

He has also lend a hand as a music advisor in another tape: "La ventana (relato)" (Jacobo Sucari, 2000).

Francesca Fini has used excerpts from "This Is The End, Beautiful Friend"  in her live media performance "Humans" (2012).



Remembering the good old days (Foto: Alexia Arruebo, 2011)


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