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16 RPM is a reissues’ netlabel.


16 RPM will release works that will probably never be reissued in their original format and which are almost impossible to find nowadays except in peer-to-peer networks.


Since we are based in Spain, we will release mainly Spanish avant-garde rock productions of the 80s and 90s, which were originally released on CD, vinyl or cassette.


These recordings were originally released by tiny independent labels (sometimes created by the artists themselves), which were a very important part of the scene (and of the struggle). That’s why we will only release works with the agreement of the artists and the original record companies.


However, since many years have passed since some of these recordings were originally released, we may be unable to contact everyone involved in their production. We will not reissue records against the known will of anyone significantly involved in their original release, but we may release records even if we have been unable to locate some of these people. (By the way, we are the ones who decide what “significantly” means in the last sentence).


These works will be distributed for free on the Internet, but are not necessarily in the public domain. Most of these records were commercially released and may still be under contract to some publishing or licensing companies. (That’s how these things work, even at underground level) That’s why we are offering them under a “some rights reserved” license. If you want to know the legal situation of a particular recording, just ask.


Why “16 RPM”? If you ever saw a 60s record player (the machines which we were raised on: that reveals our age), you may remember the 4-position speed selector (16, 33, 45 & 78 rpm). 33s and 45s, of course, you probably still remember them. 78s are older, but they once were the industry standard. But 16 rpm? Did you ever see one of those? 16 rpm vinyl is a hard-to-find obsolete format. Just as the original editions of the stuff we are releasing.



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