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Well, you have surely heard about Superelvis shows. Always different, always unpredictable, sometimes great.

You may also have heard of some "different" shows, with strange line-ups and different instruments. Everybody knows Anki Toner can't really play (in fact, he can't sing, either, but he has made quite a career) but not everybody knows that the other guys can play almost every instrument they can get. The problem is, sometimes, to get the instruments.

The standard Superelvis concert until 1998 featured Anki Toner on vocals and harmonica, Meteo Giráldez on guitar, Raimon Aymerich on piano and Alfredo Costa Monteiro on accordion. Sometimes the band presented an extended line-up with the addition of Mark Cunningham on trumpet, Jakob Draminsky Højmark on bass clarinet and/or Markuss Breuss on trumpet.

Sometimes we had, though it was not usual, a second guitar player, who could be Anton Ignorant, but also David Rodriguez (Beef) or Marc Saura (Mondo Fumatore).

Nevertheless, when we felt like it, we tried to have all the musicians on the same instrument (if we can find three of them). So we have given concerts for three pianos (Meteo, Raimon and Alfredo, of course; Anki kept singing), three guitars, and even three accordions. We  never gave a concert for three electric basses but we would probably had if we had been able to find two additional basses.

We have also played with analog monophonic synthesizers (we love the Korg MS series), with various sets of percussion and drums, with viola... We accept commissions if you provide the instruments.

Our most important work on that field is "Saturday Night", a 50-minute suite for two pianos (Alfredo was not in the band yet) and vocals, based on Whigfield's homonim disco hit, which was premiered in Barcelona and Madrid in 1995. We have never recorded it. We will probably rescore it for three pianos someday. Another important long work is the Paraíso suite, written for the BAM festival, 1997.

If you never saw Superelvis live with Anki Toner, the closest you can get is HAVING FUN ON STAGE, a live recording of one of the shows of our 1995 tour.

Of course, after Anki Toner's departure in 1998, some things have changed. You can hear what we mean in the PORTO 18.3.2000 CD


1987: HUMEDAD RELATIVA (Barcelona): First concert
1991: BABIA ROCK-BAR (Valencia)
1993: Festival ACTUAL (Logroño), REVOLVER (Madrid)
1994: European Tour: RUST (Copenhague), KULTURFABRIK (Berlin)...
1994: Spanish Tour: TEATRO ALFIL (Madrid), BESAME MUCHO (Valencia)...
1995: Premiere of the "Saturday Night" suite, COMMUNIQUE (Barcelona)
1995:"Saturday Night" suite, EL SOL (Madrid)
1995: Live recording of the HAVING FUN ON STAGE CD
1995: Live recording for national Spanish radio program DIARIO POP
1996: Fillols Summer Festival (Fillols, France)
1997: Paraiso" suite: BAM TOUR Festival (Tarragona), BAM Festival (Plaça del Rei, Barcelona)
1998: BIKINI (Barcelona)
1998: Gracia Territori Sonor (Barcelona, last Anki Toner concert with Superelvis)
2000: BALLETEATRO AUDITORIO, 3º ciclo de Música Contemporânea (Porto, Portugal). Live recording of the "Porto 18.3.2000" CD
2004: G'D CLUB (Barcelona): Nostalgia Is Stupid