a collection of gramophonic objects and record-related toys





first exhibited at the experimentaclub festival, october 2006


the game/toy-related section is sometimes exhibited as a separate collection
(click here to check the GRAMOFONIA LÚDICA exhibitions)


check this long conversation with Anna Ramos (pdf, spanish) about the gramophonc collection


presentation at the MACBA in july 2016



talk/workshop at GTS (part I, july 2018 / part II, september 2018)


gramophonic vermouth at Bar La Sinia (september 2018)





this website will be deeply restructured in a near(?) future
thousands (??) of pictures will be added
meanwhile, here is a modest approach to what it should be




Hi-fi test record






Red Raven Magic Mirror




Talking Football Mattel




Fridge magnets



Phonograph-or-gramophone-shaped music boxes



Music box mechanism





Buthan record stamps





Gramophone needle tin





Phonograph wax cylinders




45/33 rpm adapters





Ohio Art's Mighty Tiny mini record player




Bandai mini record player





Doll  records and internal record player



Board game - K-Tel Superstar Game



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